Israel Is Accused of Torturing a Prisoner Until His Ribs Were Broken.

What happened between his arrest and hospitalization is now a topic of fierce interest for Palestinians, who argue that Arbeed’s injuries are physical proof of a dark reality they’ve long known to be true: Israel’s security forces routinely torture and abuse Palestinian prisoners with impunity.

U.S. Police are Being Trained by Israel—And Communities of Color Are Paying the Price

For 27 years, police departments in Georgia have received US gov grants to subsidize military trainings with Israeli soldiers. 184 people were shot and killed by police in Georgia since 2010; almost half of them unarmed or shot in the back.

Anti-BDS group backed by Adelson heads to 6 countries outside US

Right-wing Republican Sheldon Adelson funds the Maccabee Task Force which surveils Palestinian solidarity activists across the US. But starting this year, the Task Force will expand its threats to human rights activists outside the US in 6 other countries.

Al-Haq Launches a Report and a Documentary on Climate Change Adaptation in the Occupied Palestinian

Climate change under occupation: In light of the climate strikes that swept the world in September, this Palestinian NGO launched a report and documentary on the effects of climate change in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.