By recognising Palestine, Britain can help right the wrongs of the Balfour declaration

In 1917, then British foreign secretary Arthur Balfour issued the infamous Balfour Declaration which effectively gave Zionist leaders the green light to occupy Palestinian land. Today, the UK can take steps to amend for it’s actions, even decades later.

Police Investigating Hebron Settlers Attack on Palestinian, Israeli Soldier

Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians are nothing new. But this one was caught on camera and now suspects are facing assault charges. These attacks will continue to rise if Israel pushes forward with plans to illegally annex more Palestinian land.

As Israel Vows Annexation, Palestinian Leaders Embark On Risky Form Of Protest

Palestinians from Gaza to the West Bank and the diaspora are refusing to remain silent in the face of Israel’s illegal annexation plans, which could begin as early as July 1. They’re making it clear: “Annexation is an existential threat for our future.”