Israeli Cabinet Approves $11.5m in Funding for Security in W. Bank Settlements

Over the weekend, the Israeli government approved $11.5 million to go toward illegal Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank. Despite being built on their land, Palestinians are barred from entering these settlements.

Graffiti Sprayed, Cars Vandalized in Suspected Hate Crime in West Bank

Caught on camera, Israeli settlers vandalized Palestinian cars and schools, including a kindergarten. But this is an almost weekly occurrence in the occupied West Bank, where Palestinians are pushed off their land to make way for Jewish-only compounds.

PHROC Condemns the Death of Palestinian Sick Prisoner Sami Abu Diyak

37-year-old Sami Abu Diak was battling cancer behind Israeli prison bars. This morning he passed away in prison, where he spent the last 17 years of his life. He appealed for release in order to get proper medical treatment, but Israel repeatedly refused.

The latest shot in the Trump administration’s war on Palestinian rights

Pompeo’s reckless announcement threatens to normalize and encourage Israeli war crimes and expansionism. It is an overt green light for Israeli annexation of Palestinian territory and the permanent denial of the Palestinian people’s rights to freedom and self-determination.