Trump plan said to give Israel control over all of Jerusalem and allow for annexation of settlements

Trump’s apartheid plan will be released soon. The laughable plan, concocted by two corrupt right-wing leaders, is dead on arrival, made without even talking to Palestinians. Netanyahu handed Trump Israeli settlers’ wish list–annexation of West Bank settlements built on Palestinian land, control over all of Jerusalem–and Trump signed off on it.

In West Bank, Jewish Settlers Recruit Nature to Their Mission – With the High Court’s Consent

Israel uses nature reserves as a way to keep Palestinians off their land while giving the green-light for Jewish settlers to build. This week, Israel’s High Court officially “rubber-stamped” this practice

Israeli army razes Palestinian home and school in occupied West Bank

Israeli forces destroyed a Palestinian home and the foundations of an elementary school in the occupied West Bank. After the destruction of the Rib’i family home, all their possessions were left in a pile outside. “Israel’s planning and building policy is designed to suffocate Palestinian development in their land.”

Israeli soldiers harass family who hung Palestinian flags on the fence of their home

“What’s your problem with our flag?” Israeli soldiers harassed the a-Tabib family in the occupied West Bank after they hung Palestinian flags on the fence of their home. Israeli soldiers snatched the flags and took them away.