U.S. tour of Gaza-Palestinian Yousef Aljamal starts soon!

We’re pleased to share the following details of the speaking tour that Gaza-Palestinian Yousef Aljamal is undertaking of the United States, October 14 through November 2. Please be aware that numerous additional events/locations are close to being confirmed. As they are confirmed, we will update this page, so please check back often!

Yousef Aljamal

More details about Yousef Aljamal and the tour can be found here.

** Oct. 15, White Plains, NY — 6:30 pm: “Dreaming of Freedom: An evening with Yousef Aljamal”, at Wespac, 77 Tarrytown Rd., White Plains. Details at https://wespac.org/event/dreaming-of-freedom/

** Oct. 20, Washington DC — 1:30 pm: “Palestine in Crisis” featuring Yousef Aljamal and Miko Peled. Hosted by Rev. Graylan Hagler at Plymouth UCC church, 5301 N Capitol St NE (in the undercroft.)

** Oct. 21, Washington DC — 12:30 pm: “Palestine in Crisis: Yousef Aljamal and Miko Peled on the Detention of Palestinian Children”, at The Palestine center, 2425 Virginia Ave NW. Details at https://www.thejerusalemfund.org/events/upcoming/palestine-in-crisis-yousef-aljamal-and-miko-peled-on-the-detention-of-palestinian-children.

** Oct. 21, Richmond, VA, 7:00 pm — “Palestine in Crisis”, at the Pace Center, 700 W. Franklin St. Sponsored by the Pace Center and the ME & Islamic Studies Program at VCU. Pace Center details at https://www.thepacecenter.com/.

** Oct. 22, Williamsburg, VA, 7:00 pm — “Palestinian Child Detainees” at Blow Hall #332, The College of William and Mary. Sponsored by The Wesley Foundation (United Methodist campus ministry), Williamsburg United Methodist Church’s “Church in the World” committee, W&M’s Students for Justice in Palestine, and W&M’s Decolonizing Humanities Project.

** Oct. 27, Madison, WI, 2:00 pm — “Dreaming of Freedom: Palestinian Youth Under Siege and Occupation”, at Christ Presbyterian, 944 E. Gorham Street.

** Oct. 31, Honolulu, HI, 3:00 pm — “Translating Palestine”, at UH-Manoa Dept. of English, a colloquium for University of Hawai’i English Dept., cosponsored by UH-Students and Faculty for Justice in Palestine.

** Nov. 1, Honolulu, HI, 7:00 pm — “Palestine through the Generations: Stories of the Nakba as Resistance”, at Church of the Crossroads, 1212 University Ave.

Here are the two books to which Yousef has contributed:

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